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How to distinguish red beans from red beans?

Many people in the hot and humid summer or readers who have heavy humidity in their own bodies like to eat some dampness-removing diets to help get rid of the humidity in their bodies. For example, many people like to drink red bean porridge, thinking that they can get rid of dampness. In fact, this is a mistake! Because wet red beans are not red beans!

In addition, many people think that red beans and red beans can replenish blood, but from the perspective of Chinese medicine or western medicine, the answer may disappoint you!

How to distinguish red beans from red beans?

Three ways to distinguish red beans from red beans

From the appearance, the two shapes are different and easy to distinguish. Red beans are round and red beans are slender and slightly flat. Literally, red beans can be called red beans, but not red beans; Judging from the actual cooking effect, red beans are easier to boil, but red beans are not, and the taste is worse, not as sweet as red beans.

How to distinguish red beans from red beans?

Red beans can’t promote diuresis to remove dampness, and eating too much will also lead to blood loss.

Chen Shiduo, a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, wrote a new edition of Materia Medica, which made an essential analysis of the difference between red beans and adzuki beans: “adzuki beans are pungent, sweet and sour, with a flat temperature, yang in yin and no toxicity. Entering spleen meridian. Go into the water, cure yellow sores, relieve drunkenness, soak hands and feet with dampness, and treat Hong Kong’s foot protruding into the umbilicus … or ask adzuki bean, the red bean in the home? Yue: It’s another kind, its color is like vermilion and it shines, and its head is a little black like paint. If the red bean in the home is red in name and purple in color, it can cure hunger, but it can’t benefit water to get rid of dampness. Eating too much will also lead to blood loss, and its function is different from that of red bean. Don’t misuse the red beans of your home. “

There is a saying worthy of everyone’s attention: red beans “can’t benefit from water to remove dampness, and eating too much will also lead to blood loss.” Therefore, red beans can’t benefit from water or eat more.

It cannot be denied that the iron content in red beans is indeed not low, but the existing form is not heme iron that people like, but non-heme iron. The absorption and utilization rate in the body is relatively low.

How to distinguish red beans from red beans?

Red bean is unhealthy to lose weight.

Adzuki bean has diuretic and repercussive effects, although the Edible Materia Medica written by Chen Shiliang (a scholar in the Southern Tang Dynasty) in the Five Dynasties records that adzuki bean “eats thin people for a long time”. However, this does not mean that you can lose weight by eating this. Tao Hongjing, a famous doctor in the Southern Dynasties, warned that adzuki beans can “drive away body fluids, and eating for a long time is boring.” Therefore, the thinness mentioned here is not healthy thinness, and everyone must not eat more.